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Marc's Remarks


I hope everyone is enjoying their Passover holiday.

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Nachshon - A Role Model

Passover, the most observed of all the Jewish holidays, begins Monday night with the first Seder. During the Seder we retell the story (Maggid) of the Jewish people’s difficult journey from slavery in Egypt to freedom. Most of us know the basics of the story. And, of course, early on in the Seder, even before we recite the ten plagues, we seem to ask the same six very important questions:

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It's Almost Seder Time

Marc's Remarks will be back next week.

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More in Common

While many in Oregon were enjoying their children’s spring break from school, I was in New York City attending the annual meeting of “intermediate-sized” Jewish Federation executives with 50 colleagues from around the country. This year was different than in the past. We used to meet, discuss fundraising strategies, and hear multiple national reports. Instead, this time we focused on the challenges facing our communities – and we realized how much we have in common. Four major issues impacting Jewish Federations/communities of our size were discussed:

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Form Follows Function

You may recall that at the start of 2014 we shared a concept called Jewish NewCo, but more appropriately known as the Portland Jewish Tomorrow framework. This new communal model could provide more Jewish services, in different ways, while at the same time examine opportunities to reduce costs within the Jewish community. I stated that it was “only an idea” and one that required more thought and discussion. And to help in that process, the Jewish Federation would hire a consultant to assess the concept.
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