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About Maimonides Society

The Maimonides Society of the Jewish Federation of Greater Portland is committed to providing social, educational, philanthropic and networking opportunities for all allied healthcare professionals. The society is named after famed Jewish scholar and physician Maimonides.

Maimonides is considered one of the most original and influential Jewish thinkers in pre-modern times. Born in Cordoba, Spain, he is also known in Jewish literature as Rambam, from the initials of the words Rabbi Moses ben Maimon. He lived most of his life in Egypt where he served as physician to the Jewish community and to the Muslim court. His writings have composed much of the central body of Jewish legal and philosophical writings over the centuries.

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For more information about the Maimonides Society, please contact Rachel at 503.892.7413 or

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The Maimonides Society is committed to offering a balance of topics each year that feed our minds, our souls, and our needs for socializing and sheer entertainment.