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JFGP'S Demographic and Opportunity Study

We are pleased to release the results of the Jewish Federation of Greater Portland’s Demographic and Opportunity Study.
We look forward to having this data inform our community’s strategic direction over the coming years.

As you review the study, note the following key points:

  • Portland’s Jewish community is a growing, diverse population that includes a large number of Jews who are not traditionally involved with the community.
  • While traditional involvement is low among a large proportion of our community, these less involved members:
    o Identify themselves as Jewish (more often culturally than religiously).
    o Celebrate major Jewish holidays.
    o Have low awareness of Jewish communal organizations.
  • Engaging these members of the community will require new approaches, as these Jews:
    o Have mostly non-Jewish friends and may be living with non-Jews.
    o Live predominantly outside of immediate area where Jewish services are located (especially on the East side).


If you have any questions as you review this data please be in touch with Josh Stein
at 503-245-5641 or