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Contacting a JFGP staff member is an easy way to get connected with the Jewish Federation of Greater Portland - and your Jewish community. Feel free to reach out to any of us with your questions, concerns and interests. We'll be happy to help you however we can.  

Staff Directory

Please remove the spaces before and after the '@' sign when emailing us. This is a step we take to minimize the amount of spam entering our system. Thank you.

Marc N. Blattner, President and CEO                               x 304
marc @                                              503.245.6482

Lauren Burnett, Finance & Campaign Assistant                x 305
lauren @                                            503.245.0802

Shiran Halfon, Israel Shlichah                                          x 322
shiran @                                                     503.892.7405

Rachel Halupowski, Campaign Administrator                     x 301         
rachel @                                             503.892.7413

Robert Horenstein, Community Relations/
Allocations Director                                                          x 308
bob @                                                 503.245.6496

Priscilla Kostiner, Director of Women's Philanthropy           x 311
priscilla @                                           503.892.3015

Stan Marcus, Campaign Team                                          x 302
stan @                                                503.245.5641

Laura Renner-Satushek, Exec. Assistant/Receptionist       x 320
laurar @                                              503.245.6219

Laurie B. Rogoway, Associate Executive VP/
Financial Resource Development Director                           x 306

laurie @                                               503.245.6473 

Caron Blau Rothstein, Community Engagement Director/     
PJ Library Manager                                                          x 307
caron @                                               503.245.6449

Rachel Rothstein, GrapeVine Manager                               x 315
rachel.rothstein @                                     503.892.7415

Allison Specter, Event Manager                                           
& Corporate Sponsorship Coordinator                                 x 310
allison @                                             503.892.7407

Nicole Walters, Marketing/Communications Director           x 321
nicole @

Ben Winkleblack, Director of Finance                                 x 303         
ben @                                                  503.892.7417