Young Zev’s family has a tradition of giving to those in need – dropping coins into a tzedakah box every Friday evening. Zev loves this special family time and feels good about giving.  His mom says that he knows that there are people out in the world who need money more than they do.  One rainy afternoon Zev and his family stop by the Jewish Federation office to give the tzedakah he and his family had been collecting over the past few weeks during Operation Protective Edge.  Zev proudly donates his gift saying, “This is for the people of Israel who need it the most now.”

Together with our caring and connected community, we are assuring that all in need receive the help necessary to maintain a healthy and stable life.  We are passing along Jewish values to the next generation so that they are able to make a greater impact in making a difference in our world.  Want to learn more about how you can teach Jewish values and traditions to your young family? 

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