Cedar Sinai Park Receives $400,000 Gift from Meyer Memorial Trust

Cedar Sinai Park has received an award of a $400,000 capital gift from Meyer Memorial Trust, said David Fuks, Cedar Sinai Park (CSP) Chief Executive Officer. Meyer Memorial Trust awarded this gift to construct the Harold Schnitzer Health and Rehabilitation Care Center.

“Research has shown that even very fragile elders function at a higher level in a household care setting.” said Fuks. “The Harold Schnitzer Health and Rehabilitation Care Center will use The Household Model to provide our most fragile community members a care environment that enhances functioning, increases dignity and significantly improves quality of care and quality of life.”

“This innovation will help us to create a setting with personal choice and dignity at its center,” stated Jim Winkler, CSP Capital Campaign Chair. “It is time to assure that institutions bend to meet the needs of elders rather than expecting elders to bend to fit into institutional routines.”

“We thank Meyer Memorial Trust for their generous and significant investment in the future of this organization and our efforts to develop 21st Century model of care,” said Lance Steinberg, CSP Board Chair.

First called the Fred G. Meyer Charitable Trust, this foundation was created by the late Fred G. Meyer, who built the chain of retail stores bearing his name throughout the Pacific Northwest. There is currently no relationship between the company and the charitable trust. Meyer Memorial Trust was the largest private foundation in the Pacific Northwest until 1995. It is still among the largest 100 foundations in the nation.

Cedar Sinai Park provides residential and community-based care to our elders and adults with special needs, allowing them to live in comfort, independence, and dignity in a manner and in an environment based on Jewish values. CSP delivers a broad continuum of care tailored to every individual’s needs and choices. Services are customized to fit every lifestyle and inspire quality living through intellectual, social and creative endeavors.                                                              


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