Cedar Sinai Park to be honored with The Jewish Programming Award

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Cedar Sinai Park is proud to announce that it will be awarded the Jewish Programming Award from the Association of Jewish Aging Services of North America.  The award is being given in recognition of the Hesed Shel Emet Jewish Burial Project for the needy.  The project which was initiated by Chief Development Officer, Debbi Bodie, in collaboration with Rabbi Ariel Stone of Congregation Shir Tikvah, brought together Jewish agencies, Rabbis, Jewish cemeteries, Hevra Kadisha’s and local funeral homes in order to assure that low income members of the Jewish community be guaranteed a dignified Jewish burial despite the lack of family resources with which to cover that expense.

“Hesed Shel Emet means ultimate kindness,” said David Fuks, CEO of Cedar Sinai Park, “this kindness is an essential responsibility of any Jewish community.  We are very proud that Debbi Bodie’s and Ariel Stone’s passionate leadership brought Jewish agencies and congregations together in collaboration with local funeral homes to develop a systemic approach to solving a fundamental problem.  This is what community is all about.”

Ms. Bodie will receive this recognition on behalf of Cedar Sinai Park and the Jewish Community of Oregon and Southwest Washington at the conference of the Association of Jewish Aging Services of North America, which will be held in Jacksonville, Florida in late March.

“While l am honored to see this project recognized, I am very pleased that it represents the efforts of an entire community coming together and that so many donors have stepped forward to assure that resources will always be available to address this important need.  Each time we help a member of our Jewish community to receive a dignified burial, we are affirming age-old values which benefit the families who have lost a loved one.  We are providing them with the kindness of an entire community.” said Debbi Bodie.

Since the project’s inception in 2010, burials have been provided for 29 individuals. The project is supported by both annual gifts by community members and endowed funds established within the Oregon Jewish Community Foundation. These funds include the Min Zidell Hesed Shel Emet Endowment Fund, The Lubliner Endowed Fund for the Needy and the Community Endowment Fund of OJCF.

For further information contact David Fuks, CEO of Cedar Sinai Park, 503-535-4307.


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