Gesher Hosts First Annual Rosh Hashanah Seder

So, it's been a while since you've connected with something Jewish and you're thinking, "High Holy Days are here?" with something like dread rather than awe. You know, they are called the "days of awe," but every time you're thinking about high holy days in synagogue, you're thinking there's a guarantee of long services and overwhelming boredom.  

Well, here's an alternative.  We're calling it "a Rosh Hashana Seder."  It's a version of our Passover-seder-as-theater concept. 

It will be a feast. There will be fun, humor and depth. You will be replenished, and have an opportunity for renewal. An experience of renewal, without long services. 

We want you to go to shul, if you're used to it.  There is an important spiritual experience to be had there, especially if you understand the inner meaning of the prayers and the import of the day.  If you are not in the category of affiliated and connected, however, here is an alternative that you might just—one day—import into your own home. That's all we propose doing: inviting you to our home, so that you can experience an impetus to making your own home.  We'll have ample opportunity for spiritual connection and you'll have time to meet fellow travelers, but we want you to join us on a journey that is not unlike the Passover journey—only this one isn't from winter to spring and from slavery to freedom; this is a journey from summer to fall, from reflection to renewal.  

We are following a Sephardic custom in doing this; they've celebrated Rosh Hashana seders for generations.  We will be adding our own inimitable Gesher stamp, which means fun, drama, nourishment, joy, and deep reflection.

Take the Rosh Hashanah Seder Journey at Gesher 
with Rabbi Laurie Rutenberg and Rabbi Gary
Sunday, September 13th @ 4:30 pm
10701 SW 25th Avenue, Portland, Oregon 97219

Adults: $36  Children 3 and over: $18
No one is turned away for inability to pay!
RSVP a must; online here


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