Jewish Federation will continue Melton in Portland

From Brad Pearlman - President, Board of Directors at Morasha

We are very pleased to announce that the Melton School is becoming a program of the Jewish Federation of Greater Portland. JFGP has the resources and--very importantly--the passion for adult Jewish education needed to maintain our beloved school into the future.

The transfer of programming comes with the introduction of a new Director. Rachel Rothstein is the new JFGP Director of Educational Initiatives and your new go-to person for all things Melton and Spotlight related.

A Portland native, Rachel has a Master's in Education from American Jewish University. She was the Associate Director of B'nai B'rith Camp for three years before working at the Jewish Education Project in congregational learning, helping congregations implement new models of education, and as the Director of a JCC Day Camp before returning to Portland. She also serves at the Adult Advisor for the Oregon Jewish Community Youth Foundation.
She can be reached at or 503-892-7415.

Some Questions about the Transition:

  • When will everything happen?

The transfer of programming from Morasha to JFGP has already begun. The Federation will now handle all Melton functions, such as student registration and the administration of classes. They will roll out their new program next week.

  • What will happen to Morasha?

Morasha itself is preparing to close doors. Our mission of providing excellent Jewish adult education is now being fulfilled by the JFGP.

  • Will there be classes this year?

Yes. Classes will begin this fall, as normal, and continue in the winter and spring terms.

  • What classes will there be? Where and when will they take place?

JFGP is setting up a schedule of classes and locations, which they will announce this month. In the meantime, Rabbi Stampfer's 10-week courses are scheduled, and pre-registration is open for the Classic 30-week program.

  • Who can I contact with questions about the program?

Rachel Rothstein, the new director of the school, will be happy to help you. You can reach her at or 503-892-7415.



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