Middle school students participate in the "One Million Bones Project"

Beth Israel’s Midrasha middle school students participated in the "One Million Bones Project"  as part of the  Ethics to Action curriculum this school year. One Million Bones is a global project that uses education and hands-on art-making to raise awareness of ongoing humanitarian crises, mass atrocities, and intolerance happening around the world. 

They helped create one million hand-made bones to lay on the National Mall in June 2013 not only as a visual petition to end these atrocities, but also as a statement of our common links as human beings.  A history of the project can be seen in a short video from the very first installation in Albuquerque, New Mexico here. Along with students from around the country, our students learned about the conflicts occurring in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Somalia, as well as participated in a bone-making workshop. The project culminated on June 8 on the National Mall in Washington, DC.
Click here to read a Huffington Post article about the project.


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