Neveh Shalom Foundation School adds new 8am-6pm Options

The Neveh Shalom Foundation School, based on the ideals and traditions of the Jewish faith and open to all, is dedicated to providing exceptional early childhood education. We encourage the development of each child’s creativity, curiosity, and character through age-appropriate practices. By valuing play as a child’s natural way of learning, our qualified and experienced teachers encourage the growth of the total child; intellectual, social, emotional, physical, and spiritual.

•  We offer small class sizes that allow each child to set his/her own pace.

•  Foundation School students celebrate Shabbat weekly, as well as all Jewish  holidays and festivals. Hebrew vocabulary is blended into all learning experiences.

•  Each classroom allows students experiential opportunities in music, manipulative and sensory materials, block play, creative drama and imaginary play, science discovery, group and individual pursuits.

• Early care, lunch, and extended care options run from 8am to 6pm and include play activities, rest time, and kosher dairy snack and lunches.

Foundation School is now accepting enrollment for the upcoming 2013-2014 preschool year for children 2-5 years. 

For more information, or for a tour of our dynamic school, please call Leah Conley at 503-293-7307 or email


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