Oregon Area Jewish Committee integrates mission into Jewish Federation

Oregon Area Jewish Committee integrates mission-related activities
into Jewish Federation's CRC

We want to share some exciting news about 2015. After many conversations, the Oregon Area Jewish Committee (OAJC) will integrate its mission-related activities into the Jewish Federation of Greater Portland’s Community Relations Committee (CRC).

The OAJC leadership considered several different models and after much thought and research concluded that integrating with the Jewish Federation best preserved OAJC’s mission and is best for the community at-large. The organization’s leadership presented its proposal to the Federation Board and it was enthusiastically received and accepted.

Joanne Van Ness Menashe, Executive Director of the OAJC, has joined the Federation team leading the newly formed “Intergroup Outreach Committee” of the CRC. In addition, Jeff Reingold, OAJC President, and other leaders from OAJC will be assuming roles in the new committee and expanded CRC.

We invite everyone to participate through events and programs organized through the Federation’s new Intergroup Outreach Committee and the CRC. The Jewish Federation is excited by the opportunity to expand its efforts to strengthen relationships and dialogue with ethnic and cultural groups in the community at-large.

David Forman, Federation Chair of the Board

Jeff Reingold, OAJC President



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