Dr. Ron Wolfson Scholar Weekend at Congregation Neveh Shalom

Dr. Ron Wolfson, visionary educator and inspirational speaker, will be joining Neveh Shalom for the weekend of November 14-16.

Wolfson has been at the forefront of looking at the future of Jewish organizations and communal life and was co-founder of Synagogue 3000, presenting resources and best-practices to congregations as they grow into the next decade. He authored “Relational Judaism: Using the Power of Relationships to Transform the Jewish Community,” a book with which Neveh Shalom’s leadership has been engaged in study and discussions.

Wolfson has also authored many books with an inward focus, such as "Be Like God: God’s To-Do List for Kids" and "The Seven Questions You're asked in Heaven: Reviewing and Renewing Your Life on Earth," a practical guide book to repairing the world by following God’s example of action.

Our own Rabbi Eve Posen remembers him as a favorite professor teaching the subject of sociology and experiential Jewish education. "Ron always had this way of getting his students energized about making a difference in today's Jewish world. He used his class as a microcosm of the world, every day was a new experience. I walked away knowing not just what to do, or how to do it; I walked away knowing what it felt like to build true relationships. On top of it, the first time I set eyes on my husband, Duncan, was in Ron's class!"

A big part of Wolfson’s appeal is his warm personality and enthusiastic presentation. On Saturday, November 15, all are invited to us for a special Havdalah followed by a presentation: “The 7 Questions you are Asked in Heaven.” Drawing from insightful personal stories, and Jewish tradition, Wolfson will explore the values that at the heart of a life that matters. Dessert reception to follow.

Main Events

Friday, November 14 -5:30pm 
Shabbat services with the Neveh Shalom Singers and ALIYAH 3-6 graders, followed by Shabbat dinner and talk. RSVP here

Saturday, November 15- 7:00pm 
Community Havdalah and presentation “The Seven Questions you are Asked in Heaven”. Free and open to all

Sunday, November 16 - 1:00pm
Presentation to Portland Area Jewish Educators

For detailed information about the weekend, contact jgreenberg@nevehshalom.org or visit www.nevehshalom.org



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