Thoughtful Solomon's Legacy Event with Judge David Schuman

On Thursday, May 2nd, one of JFGP’s social groups, Solomon’s Legacy, hosted “Beyond the Wasteland: Being a Lawyer in the 2010s”, featuring the Honorable David Schuman, Judge of the Oregon Court of Appeals.

Judge Schuman discussed his career path, including the time he spent as a professor of law at the University of Oregon and his time as the Deputy Attorney General in the Oregon Department of Justice. Incorporating a Jewish perspective on law, Judge Schuman articulated how the practice of law can reinforce in attorneys a tendency to see the world as a hostile place, where survival, not to mention success, requires a combative personality.

Reflecting on an article he wrote in the early 90s, Judge Schuman offered the possibility that one way to counteract survival mode is through active participation in civil and political associations. Following his talk, guests of the event engaged in thoughtful dialogue with Judge Schuman, discussing the concepts he introduced and inquiring about other current issues and concerns.


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