Little Garden Preschool

Preschool on Sabbatical through 2016-17 School Year.

At Little Garden we offer a rich, multi-cultural curriculum where children engage in various learning activities in a unique, intimate, and supportive environment. Modeled after an Israeli Kibbutz preschool, Hebrew is incorporated throughout the curriculum.  We are an all-inclusive preschool. Children do not have to be Jewish to attend.

On a daily basis, children are encouraged to have fun while independently exploring their own interests as well as participating in group activities that include music, dance, storytelling, nature walks, baking and puppet shows. Our open classroom includes various creative centers: sand and water tables, collage center, clay and drawing areas and a large area for pretend play were the children are free to express themselves at any time.  Recognizing that the natural world provides meaningful learning experiences, Little Garden Preschool introduces children to the proper care of small animals (bunnies, gerbils, guinea pigs, etc.) as well as gardening and harvesting.

At Little Garden Preschool, children grow to love learning and exploring and are supported as they build their confidence, respect and a strong sense of belonging. We do this by creating a rich and loving play-based environment held strongly in the Jewish traditions and culture.