The Carl School: A Co-Op Preschool

Congregation Shaarie Torah
920 NW 25th Ave
Portland, OR 97210

P: 503.226.6131

A Jewish Preschool open to all. Providing a warm, fun and creative environment where your child will laugh, learn and grow.

Milt and Cissi (z”l) Carl founded our school at the Shaarie Torah synagogue to serve the Jewish community with a quality co-operative preschool. Their belief was that a cooperative preschool would allow parents to be included in their child’s first school experience while incorporating Jewish values and teachings within the children’s play.  The Carl prepares children for kindergarten while providing a background in Judaic history and holidays. Children form the Carl come from a wide range of Jewish households, from families who are very observant to families with Jewish roots who are just reconnecting to their Judaism for the first time.  We also have many children from various other religious backgrounds, which we welcome and brings a wonderful diversity to our school.  The children visit Rabbi Zuckerman in his office twice a month to hear stories, share Judaic experiences and a treat.

About Our school

Tuesday-Thursday AM Class

(enrollment has a maximum of 16 children)

For the child who will be three years old before December 31st. Class time 9-11:30am
This class is low-key, with a lot of lap sitting, one-to-one and small group contact
and art activities using a variety of materials to touch and manipulate. There is emphasis
on sharing and group awareness, with a short period of time set aside for group activities
(story, conversation, snack and singing). There is also a large segment of time for free
play. We encourage sharing, taking turns, verbalizing feelings and problem-solving. We
work on developing name recognition, build hand-eye coordination and incorporate
physical activity into each school day.

Monday-Wednesday-Friday AM Class 

(enrollment has a maximum of 16 children)

For the child who will be four years old by September 1st. Class time 9-11:30am

This class includes all of the above plus a 20-30 minute talk time that will deal with a variety of topics relating to the children’s lives and world: weekly themes include learning about weather, nature, seasons, the calendar, days of the week, months, neighborhoods, families, community helpers, Judaic Holidays and a host of other interesting topics. Field trips on Tri Met, MAX, and by carpool help us learn by our experiences. The class is a little more structured to allow those children a chance for deeper involvement in project activities. They often have a sit-down project where each child will develop their own unique and creative results. All classes will be geared to the individual needs of each child, emphasizing a good feeling about one’s self, as a unique and important person, both individually and as a member of a peer group. The children will gradually become aware of the importance of others through sharing and caring as well as developing problem solving and inclusion skills.

This class has a 5-day option to attend based on space availability.

A Jewish Preschool

At the Carl we have an integrated Jewish curriculum, the Judaica is interwoven into the children’s day to day activities. Our children come from a wide range of religious backgrounds and we celebrate their diversity. We also spend time talking about other beliefs and celebrations. The children have fun learning some basic skills for Jewish living such as: blessings, mitzvah, and tzdakah. We are non-discriminating and are inclusive of other faiths and beliefs.

Both classes are supervised by an experienced teacher and two parent-helpers.

Lunch Bunch

(optional extended day from 11:30 - 1:00pm- cost 7$ per day)

An extended school day is available and gives parents the added bonus of having your child at school for a four hour block of time. Children bring a sack lunch and enjoy extra time playing with friends and having lunch together with their teacher. The lunch bunch fee is separate from your preschool tuition. The maximum number to signup will be 10 with a minimum 4. You will be charged for days you sign up, whether or not your child attends, unless you cancel in advance. Sign-up is on a first come first serve basis.

After School Enrichment

We also offer Afterschool Enrichment Programs that we contract out to independent organizations/professionals such as Soccer, Spanish, Kinderdance, and Art. These programs are separate from your tuition and take place from 1-2pm.

An Example of a Typical Day at the Carl:

8:45                 Parent helpers arrive. Help set-up play room. Sign children in.
9:00-9:05        Greet and Play
9:05                 Teacher Rings the bell.
9:05-9:30        Talk and Sing
9:30-10:30      Craft followed by free play
10:30-11:00    Pick up and snack– two children help pass out cups and napkins each day
11:00-11:20    Physical activity (upstairs/outside/”wrestling room” or park)
11:20-11:30    Story Time
11:30-1:00      Lunch Bunch

For more info about our summer camp program, please email

We abide by all State and Federal Laws. We are a member of the Parent Child Preschools of Oregon.