Tree of Life Montessori

4214 SE Stark St
Portland, OR 97215

Ariel Cohn
P: 858-945-5077

Tree of Life Montessori is an in-home Jewish Montessori primary community. We occupy the light-filled lower level of a house in Inner Southeast Portland. We will welcome four young children in January 2015, and grow over the next two years to a full 15-child, 3-6 Montessori Children’s House program. While not affiliated with a specific congregation, we welcome a diverse range of Jewish practice and any other neighbors and friends who are interested in our programming as well. Jewish tradition blends beautifully with Montessori, as the yearly cycle of holidays and observances give us opportunities to celebrate and reflect as a community.

On the day-to-day level, we will follow a traditional Montessori curriculum with cultural additions such as candlestick polishing, baking challah, and thematic songs and language activities. Community plans include building a Sukkah, Shabbat dinners, planting grapes to press our own grape juice, and more. Please join us as we build a community and celebrate together! We also offer a special emphasis on visual art offerings.