20 2017

The UnShul's Evening Rosh HaShanah Service

6:30PM - 9:00PM  

Rabbi Debra Kolodny 3651 SW Custer Street
Portland, OR 97219

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The UnShul's Evening Rosh HaShanah Service


We are delighted to announce our first High Holy Day Services this year! Please join us for Rosh HaShanah on Wednesday evening September 20 through Friday afternoon September 22, and for Yom Kippor starting with Kol Nidre on Friday evening, September 29 through Saturday evening, September 30 Break Fast.


Join Portland's UnShul, a lyrical, mystical, queer drenched, passionately activist, spiritually intimate Jewish community, as we immerse ourselves in a tshuvah which includes and transcends personal atonement. Through traditional and renewed prayer and spiritual practice we will cultivate shalom/shalem, peace and wholeness, building the world we seek together. For our LGBTQ followers (and all those who love us), please join us for the Yom Kippur Mincha service for a celebration of queer lives through the lens of Torah.


Wednesday 09/20 Rosh HaShanah: 6:30 pm

•We begin our Days of Awe experience with the planting of a Peace Pole (for more information about The Peace Pole Project: )

•Services begin at 6:45pm with candle lighting


We will meet at the home of Rabbah D’vorah, 3651 SW Custer Street, Portland, Oregon 97219. Given the interest we have already heard we want to urge you to register early to make sure you secure your spot - email for more information!