Join the Jewish Community Relations Council of the Jewish Federation of Greater Portland for an opportunity to hear from Senator Shemia Fagan and Senator Kim Thatcher!



Tuesday, October 20, 2020
7:00 PM
Via Zoom



Guest Speakers

Senator Shemia Fagan

Senator Kim Thatcher

Senator Shemia Fagan is a working mom and civil rights attorney who grew up in rural eastern Oregon.  Fagan's dad was a single parent who struggled to keep his three kids housed and fed, while her mom battled addiction and homelessness in Portland.  Fagan credits her Oregon public school educators for giving Fagan the confidence and drive to put herself through college and law school. Shortly after graduating from Lewis and Clark Law school, Fagan was elected to the David Douglas school board and began her public service, giving back to the Oregonians who stood up for her.  On the school board, and later in the Oregon House and Senate, Fagan has developed a reputation for her no-nonsense style and shaking up the status quo while winning fights for families like hers, such as helping to pass paid family leave.  On voting rights, Fagan has been a champion, helping shephard Oregon's first-in-the-nation automatic voter registration and expanding Oregon's vote by mail with prepaid postage. At a time when vote by mail is under attack from the President of the United States, Shemia is running for Secretary of State because it’s never been more important to lead the fight for protecting and expanding the fundamental right to vote in Oregon.

Kim Thatcher was first elected to the Oregon House in 2004, representing the Keizer area.  Early in her career, as the owner of the highway construction firm KT Contracting, she was well known for her work with the Oregon Department of Transportation.  In 2014, Thatcher chose to run for the Oregon State Senate and subsequently started her senate career.  Sen. Thatcher is known for her work in creating government transparency and accountability.  She championed legislation to establish an Oregon transparency website (signed into law by the Governor), as well as passing legislation to require agencies to post minutes and summaries of public meetings, state contracts, information on tax expenditures, as well as economic development tax incentives.  If elected to the Secretary of State's Office, she promises to bring this level of transparency, accountability and integrity to the office.