12 2023

Community-wide Bake Sale for Israel Relief

11:30AM - 1:30PM  

Congregation Neveh Shalom 2900 SW Peaceful Ln
Portland, OR 97239

11/23/2023: A Community-Wide Jewish Bake Sale, offering a sense of togetherness and opportunities to help Israel, one sweet treat at a time.

Whoever you talk to on the phone, by text, or in that familiar look we exchange in person, the Jewish community worldwide and here in Portland needs a hug.  The answer to “how are you?” is a “trying to be OK”, and we all know things are far from OK right now for many common reasons and stressors.  Three things that make us feel better are:  1) being together, 2) eating Jewish comfort food, and 3) feeling like we’re helping.  A sweet community event is here to help:  

Gather your family and friends in your homes to bake your favorite dairy/parve Jewish pastry recipes, and then bring them at 10:30am on November 12th to Congregation Neveh Shalom.  Stay until 11:30am when we can all “purchase” everyone’s delicious treats in a “take what you want, give what you can” Community Wide Bake Sale for Israel Aid.  You can “purchase” treats for yourselves or gift them to people you know who are in need of a sweet treat.  All donations from this sale will be sent to Israel through the Israel Emergency Fund of the Jewish Federation of Greater Portland. 

Sign-up to Volunteer and Bake at:   


Sponsor: Congregation Neveh Shalom