Plan for It

How keeping charitable giving simple can make a big difference

John Arnsberg is a native Portlander, avid racquet ball player, and investor in our Jewish future. The son of Harry and Helen Arnsberg (obm), John cherishes the countless good deeds his father has bestowed onto Jewish Portland. John has made his own plans to help support this vibrant community for generations to come. 

As a youth, John attended B’nai B’rith Camp. “We did the kind of stuff kids do, you know...” John says with a mischievous grin. After 8 summers as a camper, John stayed on for two more years as a dishwasher and camp counselor. He reflects upon this time as among some of his best memories. John is active these days with Men’s Camp, though he does have one advantage over his bunk mates – a house nearby with his own room. “I paid my dues for 10 years!” John says with a heartfelt chuckle explaining why he doesn’t sleep at camp anymore. 

John is grateful to the services and experiences he’s benefited from through the years including the care of his aging loved ones through Cedar Sinai Park, his leadership participation and recreation at the Mittleman Jewish Community Center, along with the good times spent at B’nai B’rith Camp. John is a generous on-going supporter of the Jewish Federation’s Annual Campaign that provides support to these agencies and so much more. He feels his gift through Federation is the one that goes the furthest, helping a variety of Jewish causes. John likes to keep things simple, and as in life so too goes his philanthropic philosophy. 

“Life pulls us in many directions, and philanthropy may not be a natural reaction,” John explains. Maintaining a streamline approach to his charitable giving enables John to do the right thing and keep focus on making a difference. He allocates 10% of everything to charity – something we each can do.

“Plan for it!” he says and watch how your simple decision can grow into a meaningful gift that really makes an impact.

John has made a legacy commitment to our Jewish community through a fund at the OJCF under the Life & Legacy program. The Jewish Federation of Greater Portland, Cedar Sinai Park, Mittleman Jewish Community Center, and B’nai B’rith Camp are among the benefiting agencies. John considers his legacy gift as a type of “insurance policy” to carry our Jewish community through uncertainty.

He understands the Jewish Portland of today is not his father’s Jewish Portland from just a few decades ago. John is proud to give back to community that gave so much to him and his family.

By making a plan and sticking to it, he is able to honor his father’s legacy and assure a strong Jewish Portland for tomorrow.

Because of you

We are ensuring a thriving Jewish Portland for our children, grandchildren, and generations to come through Jewish education, leadership development, travel to Israel and so much more!

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