6 2023

EJC Presents Gentle Yoga with Sido Surkis

10:00AM - 11:00AM  

Eastside Jewish Commons 2420 Ne Sandy Blvd.
Portland, OR 97232

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$ Cost $ 10.00

Sido Surkis leads yoga in a light-hearted and trauma informed class that allows people to experience their own yoga. Her focus is in supporting people to discover their own strengths, flexibilities, and groundedness through Gentle Yoga. Her philosophy bridges her strong connection with Judaism and her understanding of yoga principles. Her class is light-hearted and fun, and she encourages students to connect with who and HOW they really are - she honors our differences while celebrating our successes!

"We are real people in real bodies, and our bodies long to move and to stretch, to lengthen and to fold, to expand, and to rest."

Sido Surkis grew up in a family of women doing yoga, receiving her Teacher Training Certificate in spring of 2019.

Please dress in comfortable clothes and bring a mat to class.

$10/Person/Session. Tuesdays Through August 8th. Class size limited, Registration Required.

Please note that this class is in one of our upstairs rooms. Unfortunately these rooms cannot accommodate the ADA at this time.

Sponsor: Eastside Jewish Commons