6 2021

Medicare Reimagined – A health plan DRASH through Neveh Shalom

2:00PM - 3:00PM  

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Medicare Reimagined – A health plan DRASH through Neveh Shalom's Wondering Jews community

2 p.m. Wednesday, October 6 via Zoom

Medicare during a pandemic creates new challenges for the already complex and confusing world of Medicare. New benefits are being offered this year. With plenty of time to answer your questions, join us as we provide information on:

• New benefits for 2022 (including dental)
• A check list for your lifestyle, including important questions to ask yourself before choosing a plan, or switching to a new plan
• Enrollment during COVID – your choices
• Working past 65, and Medicare rights
• How to switch Medicare plans – any time of the year
• Medicare denials, appeals, alternative funding for benefits
• How to identify ALL the benefits you are entitled to under federal and state regulations and what that “contract” between you and your current health plan really means

A member of the Wondering Jews committee, long-time Neveh Shalom member, Mara Woloshin does work in Medicare and in health care services, including education and advocacy. Her practice includes business issues and crisis management consulting.

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