23 2021

Next Generations Group presents Rosalyn Kliot talk

3:00PM - 4:00PM  

Contact Sue Wendel

Please join the Next Generations Group’s
October get-together featuring child survivor Rosalyn Kliot

Saturday, October 23
3:00-4:00 pm PDT, via Zoom

To attend and receive Zoom link, please reply to Sue Wendel,
NGG co-coordinator at suemwendel@gmail.com

Rosalyn will speak about her family's history, her parents' daring escape from a concentration camp, and their resistance, resilience, endurance, and strength. She’ll also reflect on her own experience and survival growing up as an ‘inheritor of a genocidal legacy.’ Rosalyn says: “This is a story not only about the tragedy of war but is also a love story about her parents who met and fell in love at a concentration camp in Estonia. It’s a story about miracles and healing, and in Rosalyn’s words, ‘that trauma is the crack that lets in the light, and that anything is possible – that good can come out of anything.’ “ For more information please visit nextgenerationsgroup.wordpress.com