28 2021

UnShul Unbound's Second Night Passover Seder

6:00PM - 9:00PM  


Join us for a Passover Seder focusing on liberation for our intersecting identities as people who are LGBTQ, Women, Black, People of Color, Immigrants, Refugees, etc. etc. etc.!

Together we will read from a radical haggadah compiled and refreshed every year by Rabbah D and brought up to date with calls for freedom for refugees, those enslaved today and we whose rights are not yet fully actualized.

Set your own seder table at home, cook the pesadik (kosher l’pesach as you observe it) meal that will delight your heart and we’ll send you the haggadah and supplement when you register!

RSVP’s are required, and please register early so we can plan! We’d like to cap attendance at 50 to keep things manageable on Zoom.


As in years past we are inviting a donation of $20 per person. While we have no rental or ritual food costs this year, we still want to pay Rabbah D for their prep and leadership time. We long for the day when our annual budget is robust enough to cover that without your donations, but we aren’t there yet.

And please know that we never turn anyone down! The donation is sliding scale. But if you are living in abundance your generosity will help us continue to offer this dynamic, modern, meaningful seder, which some say is the highlight of their Jewish year!

To liberation!