Congregation Beit Yosef: Orthodox/Sephardic

4200 SW Vermont St
Portland, OR 97219

Rabbi Eliyahu Weisman
P: 971-220-8152

Every Shabbat and Holiday Morning, 9:00 am-lunchtime.

Tutoring available throughout the week, by appointment.

We welcome all Jews from all walks of life. We believe that it is the responsibility of every Jew to love their fellow man. We reserve and live by our sacrosanct privilege and honor to be openly inclusive in our acceptance of all Jews, irrespective of their circumstances, that set foot in our Synagogue.

Here at Beit Yosef, you will find Sefardi hospitality and perhaps a permanent home, a place of warmth and love and of course good food.

Congregation Beit Yosef is a small, warm, and welcoming synagogue which welcomes all members of the Jewish community. Services are every Shabbat and holiday morning at 9:00 am, in the Sephardic minhag and modern Orthodox in practice. Shabbat morning services are always followed by the best kiddush lunch in all of Portland, bar-none. Members of Beit Yosef come from throughout the spectrum of religious practice and are of both Ashkenazi and Sephardic background.

Beit Yosef is led by Services are lay-involved and kiddush lunches are member-sponsored for the enjoyment of all attendees of services.

Congregation Beit Yosef also holds an annual Chanukah party as well as an annual Purim party.

Members of Congregation Beit Yosef are active in many Portland Jewish community organizations and events, including Federation events, Portland Kollel classes, Jewish Cub Scouts, Portland Eruv, Jewish Day Schools, and many others. 

Come visit Congregation Beit Yosef for a taste of a warm, delightful community where all are welcome.

Visit Congregation Beit Yosef online  or on Facebook.