6443 SW Beaverton-Hillsdale Hwy, Suite 234
Portland, OR 97221

P: 503-496-7444
F: 503-452-0750

BB360 (formerly known as B’nai B’rith Camp), a Jewish community camp, serves children and adults of all ages and various denominations. Based in Jewish values and open to everyone since 1921, BB Camp is known as a home away from home for many generations of children because of it’s unique programming and camaraderie. We provide safe, nurturing and fun experiences in a welcoming environment that inspires individual growth and enduring Jewish identity. Our youth centered summer camps and year round programming for all ages build communities and offer exceptional leadership development.

Our goals for Campers include:

  • Learning the values and ethics of Jewish living
  • Increasing self-reliance
  • Developing new skills; helping young people grow in a responsible, mature manner
  • Creating a democratic group experience within a Jewish atmosphere
  • Building friendships for life
  • Just plain having fun!!

To learn more about our amazing summer staff and counselors, click here. Want to enroll in a summer of fun? Click here to learn more about becoming employed as counselor, or here to register a camper for an amazing summer at BB360!



26 2024 to 29 SEP