Day 3: Transition Projects

Chanukah is a time that we celebrate light. In this darkest time of year, help us bring light to nonprofits in our community. This December in our 8 Days of Giving campaign, we’re highlighting some of our favorite local community organizations. 100% of the donations collected on this page will go directly to the organization featured! Check back tomorrow to see who’s next!

Transition Projects exists to help those experiencing homelessness transition successfully into housing. With over five decades of experience providing shelter, housing and supportive services for very low-income people, we are recognized across the region for our work with veterans, women, people with disabilities, and other highly vulnerable groups. Founded in 1969, we operate out of 12 Metro-area locations, enabling our team of over 330 employees to assist 10,000 people each year through programs designed to help people survive the streets, find housing, and retain their housing. In 2019 alone, more than 1,100 formerly homeless people found safe, affordable housing in the four-county area with our agency’s support. We are also the largest provider of publicly funded shelter services in Oregon. On any given night, we shelter more than 800 people, including women, men and couples through nine shelters. We will open a Winter Emergency Shelter (our tenth) for 100 women, men and couples in mid-November. Finally, through our Resource Center, we serve 400-500 unique individuals daily, 365 days-a-year, with services ranging from hygiene and medical support to shelter and housing assistance.

"This place is amazing. I got my own bed, I got a shower, I got a bathtub, I got a mirror, and I can cook my own meals here. It’s beautiful, man. If you get housing where you can sleep at night and get the perfect rest, you want to change the way you live. You want to walk around and find you a job. Now I got a roof over my head, my rent’s paid on time, I do what I’m supposed to be doing, and now I’m living." 

- George, affordable housing recipient

Celebrate the third night of Hanukkah with a gift to Transition Projects