Day 5: Oregon Food Bank

Chanukah is a time that we celebrate light. In this darkest time of year, help us bring light to nonprofits in our community. This December in our 8 Days of Giving campaign, we’re highlighting some of our favorite local community organizations. 100% of the donations collected on this page will go directly to the organization featured! Check back tomorrow to see who’s next!

At Oregon Food Bank, they believe food is a basic human right. They envision resilient communities throughout Oregon and SW Washington that never go hungry. Hunger is not just an empty stomach or an individual experience. Hunger is a community wide symptom of exclusion, of not having enough – not having enough nutritious food, enough income, enough power, enough represented voice. Hunger is a symptom of barriers to employment, education, housing and healthcare. Oregon Food Bank builds community connections to help people access nutritious food today, and they will build community power to eliminate the root causes of hunger, for good.   

"At the pantry, it's not just the food that's the blessing. You get the food, but you also get the community together and that's the most important thing. To see the love that comes out of there, it broke me down in tears."

- Ken

Celebrate the fifth night of Hanukkah with a gift to the Oregon Food Bank