Building Kehillah

by Sandra Simon

Yesterday, we went ATVing and spent time at different locations learning about current security issues - what struck me the most was not the specifics of the day, but how the difference between letting loose and having playful time with the ATV coupled with the somber information shared along with some personal stories really seemed to me to be the day that our group started to come together, in community - kehillah

We come from different paths, different locations, but this journey has brought us together in ways we would of not otherwise had the option of doing. And as we come together and share, we see we have many similarities, we move past those initial differences, we learn we have deep previously unknown connections. 

I am even reconnecting with one of my MBA professors who is also on the Mission! Amy and I are so very grateful for this opportunity, we have grown and learned so much. 

Thank you Federation for making it possible.


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