Leadership Mission

Our Campaign Director Michael Jeser and Co-Chairs Mindy and Mark Zeitzer are on a mission to Ukraine & Israel with other Federation Campaign Leadership. Follow along with their journey beginning in the capital city of Kiev and ending in Israel...

Finding Family from Ukraine to Israel

It was so fun to walk the streets of Jerusalem eating shawarma and falafel (with lots of skhug for me please), laughing with Mindy and Michael and hearing languages from around the world, realizing all these people are our family.

Teach a Man to Fish: Supporting Immigrants to Israel

Today, we made our journey to Israel. After enjoying one of my favorite things (an Israeli breakfast buffet), we visited the city of Ramla, the city where many new immigrants, like the teens we met in Ukraine, come to restart and rebuild.

Our Bubby in Kiev: Supporting the Internally Displaced

For the first time since World War II, members of our Jewish family carry the label Displaced Persons. And this time, Yevgenia is not young and mobile. She suffers from various medical ailments including diabetes. We were there to visit her, hear her story, and bring it home.