1 2019

Rosh Hashanah Alternative Spiritual Learning at Neveh Shalom

10:00AM - 1:00PM  

Congregation Neveh Shalom: Conservative 2900 SW Peaceful Lane
Portland, OR

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Special 2nd Day Rosh Hashanah Learning Experiences

Rosh Hashanah Alternative Spiritual Learning at Neveh Shalom

High Holiday services at Neveh Shalom, an open and egalitarian community, are led by Rabbi David Kosak, Rabbi Eve Posen, and Cantor Eyal Bitton. We offer lively young child services as well as K-6 appropriate family experiences. We welcome all to experience the New Year with Neveh Shalom.

On the second day of Rosh Hashanah, please join us for these special alternative adult learning experiences. These sessions are FREE AND OPEN TO ALL. NO TICKETS REQUIRED

10:00am: Can We Really Change? And If So, How?
Rabbi David and Laura Kosak, Room 102
Each year, Jews use the High Holiday season to reflect on where we went wrong, what apologies are owed, and how we might do better in the coming year. That said, certain sorts of change are notoriously difficult to make. In this class, we will examine some concepts of change described by the influential 20th century hasidic work, The Netivot Shalom (Paths of Peace), and from contemporary psychologist Prochaska’s “stages of change” model.

11:00am:  For the Sake of Heaven
Amy Katz, Room 102
What is constructive conflict, and what can Jewish texts teach us about how to save our sanity and improve our relationships even (or especially) in today’s political climate? In this interactive class we will consider how the rabbis of the Mishnah engaged in conflict, which conflicts they considered constructive and which they considered destructive. We’ll reflect on how their methods can help us improve our relationships, become attuned listeners, and begin to truly understand other people’s points of view.

12:00pm: Oseh Shalom—Creating Healing and Wholeness in our Lives
Mel Berwin, Room 102
Shalom means more than peace; it means wholeness or integration.  The High Holidays often bring up for us the areas of our lives that are out of sync.  We’ll explore the Jewish wisdom, texts, and rituals that help us pay attention to those tensions and provide us tools to reconnect with our own sense of shalom.