21 2019

Selikhot at Shir Tikvah

7:00PM - 9:00PM  

Congregation Shir Tikvah: Independent/Progressive Services at The Bridgeport Building
7550 NE Irving Street
Portland, OR

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Jewish Death and Dying: A Conversation with Rabbi Ariel Stone

Presenting her new book The Alef Bet of Death: Dying As A Jew (available for purchase in advance here).

Consider questions such as:

  • Does a convert recite Kaddish for a non-Jewish parent?
  • Why is cremation avoided in Jewish tradition?
  • What does Judaism say about after death?

 A big part of Rabbi Ariel Stone’s job is helping people cope with their own deaths.The Alef-Bet of Death: Dying as a Jew grew out of a question one of them asked: “Where is the book for me, I who am dying?”

There are many guides to grief written for mourners but not for those struggling with how to die. In this book, she shares stories and traditional Jewish lessons to help the dying on their path.

Followed by 8pm Havdalah and Selikhot prayers: Avinu Malkeynu, V’al Kulam, Ahat Sha’alti and all the songs that prepare your heart for the High Holy Days. With Rabbi Ariel and J.D. Kleinke.