Chaplain's Corner: Look for the rainbow at the end of storm



Who would ever have imagined how much our world would be turned upside down? In the midst of the stress, pressure and fear that surround us, I recently learned a valuable lesson from a fellow chaplain when he referenced the story of Noah. 
God told Noah that God “…will pour rain upon the earth for forty days and nights.” (Genesis 7:4) I wonder what Noah felt about the timeline. Did he think that after 40 days, he would be able to create a new sense of normalcy?
Forty days and nights was just the beginning. Add another 150 days when the waters towered over the earth; 54 days until Noah sent out a raven and two doves; two months for the earth to dry up. 
Forty became nearly 400 until Noah and his family could leave the ark.
To navigate these trying days, we must remember to look to the horizon. Why? Because at the end of the story of Noah, God placed a rainbow in the clouds as a sign of hope and peace.
Now is our time to prioritize and strategize for the sake of hope and peace. That rainbow is sure to arrive.

As the Community Chaplain for the Greater Portland Jewish community, Rabbi Barry Cohen  serves as a resource for all Jews across our community. He can be reached at


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