Crisis fund is helping

The Portland Jewish community’s COVID-19 Crisis Campaign has raised $866,000 as of June 8, 2020. Dozens of Jewish organizations across the state have received grants totaling $632,600. The requests for funds keep coming. 
In the most recent grant cycle, seven organizations received grants totaling $29,100. Organizations receiving grants were:
• Chabad of Central Oregon, $1,800 for loss of income 
• Jewish Community of Central Oregon/Congregation Shalom Bayit, $1,800 for loss of income
• Tigard Chabad Jewish Center, $500 for loss of revenue
• Camp Solomon Schechter, $18,000 for revenue loss from close of camp
• Temple Beth Tikvah in Bend, $2,700 for additional expenses and loss of revenue
• Chabad of Salem, $1,800 for payroll/program support and loss of revenue
• Tivnu - Building Justice, $2,500.
These funds and the $6.1 million community organizations have received from the Paycheck Protection Program SBA loans have kept many Jewish organizations viable.
“But these funds will be gone by June 30. What happens then?” wrote JFGP President and CEO Marc Blattner in his May 15 Marc’s Remarks email. 
Nonprofits across the country are struggling to survive now and to find new ways to move forward. Blattner notes, “The impact of this pandemic will not go away any time soon, and most believe things will never go back to what we considered ‘normal.’”
To contribute to the crisis campaign, go to

Two resources to aid individuals: 

Jewish Free Loan Program
In recognition of the sudden change of circumstances faced by many individuals and families in our community due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Jewish Free Loan Program of the Jewish Federation has expanded its offerings.
Individuals who have been impacted by the COVID-19 virus and require a loan may be eligible for a no-interest loan of up to $1,000 with no cosigners. The number of these types of loans is limited.
Loan repayments will begin after 120 days and will be divided into equal payments of $28/month for 36 months.
For more information, call 503-892-7417 or visit

 Emergency financial aid available

Thanks to the local Jewish community’s COVID-19-Emergency Campaign, funds are available to help individuals and families weather the economic storm triggered by the pandemic that threatens our health.
Food and shelter (rental assistance) are the two major reasons people have requested emergency aid in the past two months. Assistance can be provided or help with utility bills, prescriptions and other medical bills, supplies for home schooling and a variety of other needs.
For more information or assistance, contact JFCS Emergency Aid Program Manager Tavia Berrigan at 503-226-7079 ext. 134 or by email at


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