CSP debuts 100 stories for 100 years

During its celebration of 100 years of serving Jewish Portland’s elders, Cedar Sinai Park is sharing 100 stories of people who live, work and volunteer on the senior living campus.
Eddy Shuldman and Karen Blauer began the birth of Our Stories (aka 100 stories for 100 years). They have partnered with known authors around the city to capture these community stories to give readers a feel for the agency’s culture, history, activities and values. 
“Karen and I began asking local Jewish writers if they would donate their time and talents to helping us bring these stories to life,” says Eddy. “Thus far, everyone we have asked has said yes. In addition, we have several talented writers among our residents. You can expect to see them cover some of our upcoming stories, as well.” 
It’s a privilege and deeply moving experience to hear the personal stories of residents and employees, as well as our caring community of supporters,” says Karen. “I’m excited to see people’s stories shared. 
There are announcements about the series in CSP's weekly Thursday Bulletin.  The first two stories, and ultimately the whole series, are on CSP’s website: cedarsinaipark.org/our-stories/   
“It’s been a joy for me to work on this wonderful project for CSP, which has been there for my family and with my beloved BB Camp counselor Eddy,” says Karen, adding that “After all these years, I have a chance to try to redeem myself for being a rambunctious handful.”
Initially the stories will be rolled out one story per month, but plans are to release stories more frequently. 
“My hope is that our broader community will delight in these stories and discover what a treasure CSP is in our community,” says Eddy. “We’ll be looking back at our history for some of our stories while also looking at what is happening now. I hope we will also keep an eye on the future and perhaps dream out loud about how we would like to grow ourselves.” 
The inaugural snapshot features Rose Schnitzer Manor resident Eleanore Rubinstein whose attitude of gratitude is infectious (in a good way). It was skillfully written by Diane Solomon whose words shed light on many facets of her gem-of-a-subject. The second story, by Jenn Director Knudsen, follows community chaplain Rabbi Barry Cohen, who joins residents for an hour of conversation over breakfast weekly (pre-pandemic).
 To receive a new story every time one is published, sign up at cedarsinaipark.org/our-stories 


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