Erev Shavuot goes virtual

Jews and students of Judaism throughout Oregon and southwest Washington are invited to Zoom a different kind of tikkun leyl Shavuot – late-night learning on erev Shavuot in honor of the giving of the Torah. According to Jewish tradition, the Torah was given to the Jewish people on Shavuot. 
This year the Shavuot tradition goes virtual with classes led by members of the Oregon Board of Rabbis beginning May 28 at 6 pm. Participants can chose which program to attend in each of five sessions. Together time will be available between the sessions in a virtual gathering room. Rabbi Ariel Stone and Rabbi Brian Mayer organized the OBR Zoom program.
Rabbi Mayer will host the virtual gathering room for those who arrive late, leave a session early, or don’t need to get up and stretch in between sessions. The room will enable people to gather “in the lobby.”
“One of the more curious silver linings of the COVID-19 imperative to stay away from each other is that it has spurred us to create ways to be together,” says Rabbi Stone. “Our people are seeking spiritual ways toward meaning and support during these strange and stressful times.”
This year’s erev Shavuot teach-in is just one example of that creativity.
“Rather than be defeated by the imperative of piku’akh nefesh (preserving life), which prohibits us from being together, we obey the imperative of our need for community by providing it in every way we can,” says Rabbi Stone.  “Because we cannot study together in one place, we will study together in all places. Because we cannot immerse in the mikvah to prepare ourselves to accept the Torah, we will immerse in a sound mikvah. Because we are unable to travel to be in one place, we can include those who would not be able to travel.”
SHAVUOT SCHEDULE: May 28, 6-11:30 pm
6 pm  Welcome and Introduction: Rabbi Ariel Stone, co-organizer
6:10-7:10 pm First Session
Rabbi Ariel Stone: The Imperative of Community
Rabbi Debra Kolodny: Standing with our Ancestors at Sinai
Rabbi Tzvi Fischer: What Happened at Sinai: Torah and Midrash on the Revelation
For anyone who comes in late, or leaves a breakout room early, Rabbi Brian Zachary Mayer (a little about God) 
7:15 pm Second Session
Rabbi Josh Rose: Breaking Good: Crisis as the Foundation of Hope
7:30 candle lighting: Niggun and a kavanah with a short teaching followed by candle lighting and Shehekheyanu, hosted by Rabbi Hannah Laner and Rabbi David Zaslow
7:50-8:50 pm Third Session
Rabbi Daniel Isaak: Is God Santa Claus?  Praying for Healing in Time of Covid 19
Rabbi Phil Bressler: The Whole Torah in One Tweet 
For anyone who comes in late, or leaves a breakout room early, Rabbi Brian Zachary Mayer: a little about spiritual exercises
9 pm Fourth Session
Shalom Mayberg Sound Immersion - Transitioning out of slavery into freedom. To listen to the sound bath, use headphones, earbuds or high-quality speakers and NOT computer or phone speakers. 
Rabbi Emanuel Ben David - 10 commandments
10:15 pm Fifth Session
Rabbi Barry Cohen: “To Feel or Not to Feel” (and confronting the consequences) 
Rabbi Eve Posen: Different learners, Different Temperaments: A rabbinic perspective on recognizing our strengths and weaknesses  
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