PJ Library plans virtual storytimes

Local story hours, playtimes and other gatherings co-sponsored by PJ Library have been canceled (for updates check jewishportland.org/
But Facebook Live PJ Library stories and PJ Library LISTEN are stepping in to fill the void. And the local PJ Library is hosting a virtual Yad b'Yad at 11:00 am Fridays on Zoom: https://zoom.us/j/582393922.
Each weekday the national PJ Library is hosting virtual storytimes at 8 and 10 am. Visit facebook.com/PJLibrary.
 In January, even before the pandemic, pjlibrary.org/listen
launched as a fee-free curated
streaming hub for family friendly audio and video entertainment. Families may access hours of audio stories, themed musical playlists, animated videos and the 24/7 PJ Library Radio channel.
The children’s literature and music experts at PJ Library select the content for PJ Library LISTEN. Picture books come to life in animated videos. The curated playlists feature children’s music stars Joanie Leeds, Mister G, and Josh and the Jamtones as well as artists like Nefesh Mountain and Rick Recht. All content is free and available at all times.
A program of the Harold Grinspoon Foundation, PJ Library sends more than 200,000 free books a month to families across North America.  PJ Library also offers a wealth of activities, recipes and parenting articles, and a new podcast for kids: “Have I Got a Story for You.” pjlibrary.org


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