Portland grants help Israel's underserved communities meet needs

PHOTO: Krembo Wings is Israel’s only all-inclusive youth movement for children with special needs.

The Overseas Special Projects Committee accepts proposals from Israeli nonprofits that help the country’s most underserved, vulnerable or marginalized populations, among them, victims of sexual assault, Ethiopian Israelis, children with disabilities, LGBTQ people, and Israeli Arab citizens. We support both “general operating” and “capacity-building” grants and focus on relatively small grants where we will have significant impact. 

The year the Jewish Federaton of Greater Portland board approved all nine grants recommended by the committee.
ERAN is an NGO organization that provides mental health first-aid to residents of Israel in emotional distress. $18,000 for ongoing training of volunteers in five branches.
Be-Atzmi focuses on workforce integration. Its mission is to create fundamental, positive change in the lives of underprivileged, poor populations by promoting their participation in the workforce. $10,000 for Be-Atzmi’s Shaham (Aspire, Dream, Succeed) program for underprivileged children, especially Ethiopian Israelis.
Nitzan strives to identify, assess, support and rehabilitate individuals with learning disabilities: young children, teens and adults from all sectors of Israeli society. $7,500 to train 20 Ethiopian women from the education, social work and therapeutic professions, enabling them to provide culturally responsive coaching to Ethiopian mothers. eng.nitzan-israel.org.il

Krembo Wings is Israel’s only all-inclusive youth movement for children with special needs, enabling children with severe psychological, motor and cognitive disabilities to enjoy the benefit of a structured social environment with their able-bodied peers. $10,000 to help open a Krembo Wings branch in Afula. krembo.org.il/en/
Jerusalem Open House is a community center serving people of all sexual orientations and gender identities and promoting the values of equality, acceptance, and pluralism. $10,000 to help continue funding JOH’s Bentz teen and young adult support (safe-space) program. joh.org.il
Hillel Right to Choose serves the community of Yotzim, those who leave ultra-Orthodoxy to enter secular Israeli society. They provide acute intake, counseling and community building services.  $15,000 for continued support of Hillel’s ongoing work with women, single mothers and children who have left the fold of the  
ultra-Orthodox community. hillel.org.il/en
Temech enables, empowers and trains Haredi (ultra-Orthodox) women in Israel to maximize their employment opportunities by creating access to professional skills, tools and platforms required to succeed in employment and entrepreneurship. $12,500 to support Temech’s Employment-Based Training (EBT) program, which helps Haredi women enter new fields that have been previously closed to them. temech.org
Hasharon Sexual Assault Crisis Center provides practical and emotional support to survivors of sexual violence and their nonoffending acquaintances and strives through education and outreach to create social change to end sexual violence in Israel. $12,000 to recruit a new project coordinator from the Arab society and operate an 18-week training program for the hotline volunteers.
Neve Michael: This is a safe haven for more than 280 needy children at risk whose biological parents can no longer care for them. $5,000 to purchase items for Neve Michael’s Personal Arrival Packages for 50 children who arrive throughout the year at Neve Michael Children’s Emergency Crisis Center. nevemichael.com


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