Volunteers bring televised Chanukah to CSP & community

PHOTO: Rose Zepkowitz "lights" the menorah candles in her room at Tonkin House on the Cedar Sinai Park campus.

“The miraculous eternal light of our tradition shines at Cedar Sinai Park,” says CSP Spiritual Life Coordinator Cathy Zheutlin. 
Each night of Chanukah, blessings and songs or a story will air on Rose Schnitzer Manor’s internal TV Channel. Community members and residents of Robison will be able to see these same virtual programs on Open Signal TV public television. 
“We have always been blessed to have volunteers lead candle-lighting in person, until now, when we continue to adapt every tradition,” says Cathy. “This year, our volunteers will be on screens. Their light and love still comes through. These generous friends will lead candle-lighting, tell stories and sing songs for Cedar Sinai Park this year.”
Program dates and volunteer leaders are: Dec. 10, Dorice Horenstein; Dec. 11, Chanukah & Shabbat with Gershon Liberman; Dec. 12, Linda Zahavi; Dec. 13. P’nai Or storytellers (90 minutes) led by Rabbi Hannah Laner; Dec. 14, Maggid Cassandra Sagan and Cantor Baruch Morris; Dec. 15, Rabbi Barry Cohen; Dec. 16, Maimonides Jewish Day School; and Dec. 17, Cantor Barbara Slader. 
On the Dec. 11, 12, 13 and 16 volunteers are streaming live to RSM residents on the internal TV station. On those nights, Cathy or Cantor Barbara Slader will lead the program on Public TV since Open Signal needs pre-recorded content. The Chanukah programs will be on channels 11, 22 and/or 23 each day. The first night of Chanukah airs Dec. 10 on channel 22 at 4:30 pm and on channel 11 at 7 pm. The final night of Chanukah airs Dec. 17 on channel 23 at 12:30 pm, on channel 22 at 2 pm and on channel 11 at 7 pm. For the other days, search for each channel on the day’s schedule at community.opensignalpdx.org/programming/schedule.
“During these times of pandemic and isolation, every connection to our friends, to our tradition, to our ancestors and the generations to come is important,” says Cathy. “These connections help sustain us.” 
Residents appreciate receiving holiday cards. Address the card “From our family to you and yours” and mail to 6125 SW Boundary Street, Portland, OR 97221. 
For details, contact Cathy at 503-535-4038 or Cathy.Zheutlin@cedarsinaipark.org.

Below: CSP's Rose Schnitzer Manor residents Esther Dickstein, left, and Marion Ross enjoy the Chanukah lights.


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