Preschool Incentive Program

Why Jewish preschool?


A child's early years are the most formative.  What a child experiences before age 5 becomes the foundation for thinking patterns, value structures and ways of viewing the world into adulthood.


Jewish preschools partner with families to ensure each child's earliest years are filled with engaging play, exciting discoveries, loving teachers, laughter and friendship.  Through the richness of 3,000-year-old traditions, rituals and stories, Jewish preschools help families raise children who have a sense of wonderment and responsibility for the world around them.


Yet Jewish preschools aren't just about the children.  Through each child's experience, the whole family is engaged.  They are immersed in the richness and diversity of Judaism.  They are welcomed and supported.  Their celebrations are infused with new meaning.  And the friendships created can grow throughout your child's lifetime.


Jewish preschools build community.  And we want you to be part of it.


Right Start will provide qualified families with


for a child who attends 2 days/week


for a child who attends 3 days/week


for a child who attends 4 days/week


for a child who attends 5 days/week


Enrolled in a participating Jewish infant care, toddler care, or preschool for the first time. (See listing on right)

Enrolled in a class where the child attends independently and meets at least 2 days per week. The program may be half-day or full-day.

A member of a family where a least one parent identifies as Jewish.

Right Start applications are available here.  Applications must be completed online by October 15 of the year your child is attending.  One voucher per family.  Funding is currently available for in the 2017-2018 school year.  Questions?  Please contact Rachel Rothstein Nelson for more information at 503-892-7415.

The Jewish Federation of Greater Portland has made this gift available to the Jewish communities of Portland and SW Washington. Matching funding is provided by the National Jewish Right Start program, an initiative of the Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Chicago, made possible through the generosity of an anonymous donor.  

could be available for your child

For those who qualify, Right Start will provide funding to help you ensure your child has the right start on developing a life rooted in Jewish values and traditions.

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