Community Lending at No Cost


Jewish or “Hebrew” Free Loan Associations have been in the business of providing interest-free loans to individuals across North America for over a century. There is a recognition that sometimes life throws a wrench in one’s plans, and that the support of one’s community can make the difference in how that challenge is met.


The Jewish Federation of Greater Portland is excited to embark on a 21st century iteration of free loan for the Greater Portland community—Jewish Free Loan of Greater Portland.


Supporting one another through “life’s ups and downs,” we ensure the strength and vitality of our community now and into the future.

for Life's Ups & Downs

You can share in a commmunity loan fund that helps you borrow now interest-free and give back to help others as you repay.

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Help others in need

Your gift will help Jewish Free Loan of Greater Portland provide loans to more community members and make a positive difference in their lives.



How the Program Works

Are you eligible?

Applicants must identify as Jewish, be at least 18 years old, and have lived in Oregon or SW Washington area for at least 6 months. You may also need a Co-signer for the loan (2 co-signers if loan over $2000).


Loans available for up to $4000 to be used for legitimate expenses like camp or school tuition, Israel experience, car repair, medical expense, housing , etc. You and your Co-signer are required to provide proof of employment/income source(s) and are subject to a credit check, followed by an in-person interview with Loan Committee.


With no interest, loans are to be re-paid by Borrower over an agreed time frame at a maximum of 36 months. Loan repayment can be made by automatic debit / credit charge or automatic withdrawals from a checking or savings account.

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You can resolve your financial situation on your own - without interest and without borrowing from family or friends. Start your application here or email for more info.