Rachel's Well Community Mikvah is open with updated protocols as of August 2021.


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Immersions by appointment ONLY with requests a minimum of 4-7 days in advance (take holidays/Shabbat into consideration), thank you.



What is a Mikvah?

A Mikvah is a Jewish ritual bath requiring "living waters" sourced from rain. Natural bodies of water are all kosher mikvahs. The ritual of immersion is rooted in centuries of tradition and is a way for Jews to experience an embodied spirituality that can connect them to God, their own body, their ancestors and the water cycle of our planet.

Who can use the Mikvah?

Anyone who identifies as Jewish is welcome to experience Rachel's Well Community Mikvah. It is customary to give tzedakah (a contribution) when visiting a Mikvah. No one will be turned away for inability to make a donation. 


We ask for a suggested donation based on the type of appointment.

  • $25 per single use
  • $75 for conversions, weddings and other special occasions.
  • Dish/Utensil Mikvah-user choice of amount 


Annual Memberships with unlimited uses of the Mikvah are also available: (Payment plans (quarterly, monthly) available on memberships)

  • $250 for individuals
  • $450 for families (includes 2 adults & all children in household under 18)
  • Payment plans (quarterly, monthly) available on memberships 

Before you come to Rachel's Well...

Being clean is necessary before using the Mikvah; everyone must shower before entering, even if you bathed right before your appointment​. We provide 2 preparation rooms where you can undress, remove all jewelry, wash, shampoo, brush teeth, and remove all obstacles (physical & symbolic) between your body and the Mikvah waters. More Frequently Asked Questions


Please Note

Requests to use the Mikvah should be made at least 4 days (1 week preferable) in advance. 
Appointments are confirmed via email or text.

What is the Mikvah Used For?

A Mikvah is a Jewish sacred space designed to support Jewish ritual life and the personal transitions of individuals and families in the community. We welcome those visiting the Mikvah for traditional reasons like: married women immersing monthly (niddah/taharat ha-mishpacha), getting married, making dishes kosher, conversion, and preparing spiritually for Shabbat and holidays.

Equally welcome and encouraged are creative reasons to immerse, such as to celebrate a major life transition or change in status. Examples of this type of visit are varied but include reaching a milestone birthday, acknowledging a diagnosis or recovery from illness, marking the end of a mourning period, becoming a bar or bat mitzvah, coming out, or celebrating an anniversary.

  • Photo by Benjamin Ariff

  • Photos by Benjamin Ariff

  • Photos by Benjamin Ariff

  • Photos by Benjamin Ariff

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  • Bodies of Water

    Join us for Bodies of Water, an award-winning program that introduces teen and pre-teen girls to mikvah as a path to body positivity from a Jewish perspective.


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Rachel's Well Community Mikvah operates on donations, so everyone can have access to this important Jewish ritual. Help us ensure the Mikvah's future with your donations, thank you!


Mikvah Guides are trained to provide safe, welcoming and discreet experiences for users. The Guide’s role is to facilitate both halachic and contemporary immersions. Email mikvahPDX@gmail.com to get involved.