Why use Volunteers?

  • Build Capacity

    Meaningful volunteer opportunities can help your non-profit do bigger and better things. Skilled volunteers have knowledge and expertise that can be invaluable to your organization, growing new areas of service or enhancing existing ones.

  • Cultivate Advocates

    Volunteers get to know an organization and can be your advocates in the community. They can increase your exposure to other individuals and organizations, help build community connections, etc.

  • Steward Donors

    People tend to give with their hearts and their heads. Volunteers who have first-hand knowledge of an agency's needs and merits will be more likely to support that organization philanthropically.

Resources for Jewish Organizations

Jewish texts for social justice

An online database of Jewish social justice texts designed to support and promote the teaching of social justice in the Jewish community.


A set of textual resources, discussion questions, and planning exercises related to social action and community service created by Hillel and Panim.

Quotes about Tzedakah

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