Women's Philanthropy:

Women's Giving Circle Request for Funding 


The Women’s Giving Circle seeks to expand and improve opportunities and choices in all aspects of Jewish women and girls’ lives through strategic and effective grantmaking.  The Women’s Giving Circle endeavors to empower women as leaders, funders, and decision makers.

We are pleased that you are interested in applying for a grant from the Women’s Giving Circle.

The Women’s Giving Circle is an open and responsive program that offers flexible and creative funding opportunities. We do not prioritize grants based on the number of times a grantee has previously received funding. We are not obligated to fund grant requests in consecutive years.


Before you proceed, please familiarize yourself with the following guidelines which may impact your eligibility. For further questions or clarification, please contact Wendy Kahn, Chief Development Officer, for further questions or clarification.

Grant submission deadline: February 13, 2023

Award date: June 1, 2023

Grant Funding Available: $24,000

Individual Grant Amounts: Between $1000-$5000 per grant


The Women’s Giving Circle funds programs and initiatives focusing on women and girls*, justice, and Jewish continuity.  Through these lenses, the Women’s Giving Circle is committed to improving the overall status of Jewish women and girls and funding projects that promote social change by addressing at least one of the indicators described below: 


1. Women and Girls: Emphasizing programs and services that enrich, enhance, and inspire Jewish women and girls. Programs could be many realms, including but not limited to Jewish continuity/identity, health, social justice, or basic needs.


2. Justice: Emphasizing educational programs and initiatives that promote acceptance, inclusion, and understanding with a focus on combating anti-Semitism, prejudice, racism, and all forms of social injustice and inequity.


3. Jewish Continuity: Emphasizing programs and initiatives that seek to help strengthen Jewish identity through engagement, education, arts, culture, and beyond.


*Women and girls refers to all cisgender women and girls, transgender women and girls, and non-binary people who are comfortable in female-centered spaces.


1. We require all applicant organizations to have 501c3 tax status (or equivalent) as a nonprofit organization.


2. Project is in the state of Oregon and/or SW Washington area.


3. Deadline for projects/initiatives/programs to be completed by June 30, 2024.


4. Applicants must be prepared to participate in a virtual or in-person site visit as part of the grant request process.


5. All grantees will be asked to participate in a midyear check-in and submit an end-of-year report by June 30, 2024.


6. Additional required documents must be submitted to be eligible for the grant: program budget, IRS determination letter, and IRS Form 990.

Organizational Information

Request for Funding FY 2023 - 2024 Application

Please answer the following questions for consideration of the Women's Giving Circle RFP FY 2023-2024