PDX PATHWAYS - a meaningful guide

PDX PATHWAYS is a unique group networking, mentorship, skills & leadership development as well as community involvement experience. The Jewish Federation of Greater Portland (JFGP) is proud to offer this exclusive experience to Jewish young professionals from any occupation, ages 25-35 years old. Whether you are new to Portland or a life-long Portlander, this initiative will provide you with networking opportunities, enhanced leadership development and professional skills, exposure to meaningful Jewish experiences in Portland, as well as access to and mentoring from prominent community and business leaders.

  • Meet our program partners

    PARTNERS are experienced leaders from a range of professions with significant leadership experience and wisdom to share with younger members of our community.

How PDX Pathways works

Group Leaders (Mentors)

As experienced and successful community and business leaders from a range of professions, industries and occupations, Mentors are exceptional role models, with significant wisdom to share with younger members of our community. In their role, Mentors guide and support small groups of PDX PATHWAYS participants in both their career development as well as their engagement in Portland's Jewish community.

Participants (Mentees)

Welcome from any professional industry or occupation, applicants should be able to articulate clear goals and objectives for their participation in PDX PATHWAYS. If selected, participants will be placed into small groups that will meet with Group Mentors 4-6 times during the course of the program. Participants are also asked to attend a series of leadership development, community education and skill building workshops and meetings.

The Matching Process

After the recruitment and application period for participants has concluded, Federation professionals, Pathways alumni and other community volunteer leaders will review the applications submitted, conduct interviews, and facilitate the matching and group assembly for the Fall of 2018. Matches will be made based on applicants' goals and the relevant expertise of the Group Leaders/Mentors.

What PDX Pathways needs from you:


PDX PATHWAYS is YOUR guide in creating deeper and stronger connections within your Jewish community. Where you find yourself all depends on you! Through the course of this experience, we invite YOU to explore where you would like to make a greater impact and give it a try.

Visit a local organization funded by the JFGP

Participate in a hands-on volunteer program organized by JFGP

Participate in one evening JFGP fundraising phone-a-thon

We believe all participants of PDX PATHWAYS will come away with new and meaningful connections and skills that can advance their career and social networks. We also hope participants will leave the program feeling inspired and moved to become more involved in Jewish life in the greater Portland area.

Community Partners

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****It is important to acknowledge that not everyone who satisfies the eligibility criteria will be invited to participate in the program. In 2018, PDX PATHWAYS will attempt to create groups and match each to one Group Leader/Mentor. Therefore, dependent on the career field, goals, interests and the particular skill-set of our Group Leaders, PDX PATHWAYS may not be able to find an appropriate match for all interested applicants. Matches will be made based on applicants’ goals as well as the expertise of the Group Leaders/Mentors.