Thank you!

Thank you to all our amazing volunteers for helping bring joy to Purim at Cedar Sinai Park.

Purim Packages


Mishloach Manot are special gift packages that are traditionally made and distributed for Purim to friends and family and even strangers. This year, our community is invited to drop off Mishloach Manot for the elderly residents and caregivers on the Cedar Sinai Park campus to add joy to their Purim celebrations.


Drop off will be coordinated and socially distanced, and there are STRICT guidelines for volunteers to follow in assembling packages.


Package Guidelines

(please read and email if you have any questions)

Contents: Each package is for 1 individual recipient so we recommend 3-5 items from the categories listed below + Purim Card (see details below)

ALL items should be individually packaged.

Except for fruit, items should be NON-PERISHABLE and not require refrigeration.

NO homemade food items allowed.

Kosher certification is NOT required but please do not include items that are obviously unkosher (shellfish, pork, etc.)


  1. Whole (sturdy) fruit: fruit that is self-contained (apples, oranges/mandarins, firmer pears, etc.)
  2. Individually wrapped, store-bought foodstuffs: e.g. granola/snack bars, candies, cookies, dried fruit/nuts
  3. Drinks: e.g. Iced Tea, Juice, plastic/aluminum containers only (NO glass, please!)
  4. Sundries: hand lotion, mini hand sanitizer, lip balm, new re-usable face mask, cozy socks, etc.




Purim Card: Homemade cards encouraged, 1 per package. We also have a printable option you can add to once downloaded here. Either way these messages will be SO appreciated by recipients.


Container: Recommend a lunch-sized paper bag or gallon-sized Ziploc you can decorate with markers/stickers. Please seal each package individually.


DROP OFF LOCATION: Cedar Sinai Park, Rose Schnitzer Manor Turnaround, 6140 SW Boundary Street


  • Sunday, February 21, 11 am - 2 pm
  • Tuesday, February 23, 1-2 pm
  • Tuesday, February 23, 6-7 pm


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