18 2020

Rosh HaShanna Evening with Portland's UnShul

Elul is almost upon us. As we prepare our body and soul for the transition to a new Jewish year, we invite you to dive into another deep, magical High Holy Day journey with us.

Join Portland’s UnShul, a lyrical, mystical, queer drenched, passionately activist, spiritually intimate Jewish community, in this time of unprecedented transformation. As we live through a plague AND an uprising, together we are birthing the world we have longed for since before we were born. What a time to ground together in our ancient traditions in this beautifully cutting edge radical community.

Through traditional and renewed prayer and practice, we will immerse ourselves in our kavanah/intention for the year, so very on point for this moment. We will explore who we personally and collectively are: Becoming.

When you register, please share the following:
* Name
* Email
* Location: Do you want to attend in person in Gresham, in person at Multnomah Village or via Zoom?
* Number of Machzorim (prayer books)
* Name for each personalized blessing
* Whether you can pick the books up from Rabbah D's (preferred) + date & time OR only if you cannot make it to Rabbah's your address for drop-off and location where books will be safe if you will not be home

To make High Holiday payments equitable while ensuring we cover our costs, we are using rebalancing money/sliding scale pricing learned from other spiritual Portland communities. Here are the sliding scale options. All will receive a complimentary High Holy Days machzor with a personalized inscribed blessing from the Rabbah just for you.
Suggested Dues:
* Supported - $72: for people with currently limited resources who will avoid hardship at this rate while benefiting from access supplemented by the community.
* Covering Your Costs - $200: for people with mostly sufficient resources, (generally able to pay your bills, have a bank account, etc.)
* Supporting - $540: for those with more than enough resources; that is to say, you can take a vacation that involves airfare and hotels.

You can make your contribution via PayPal:
To set up a payment plan, please contact the UnShul Treasurer, Beronica Franklin at: