15 2013

Spiritual Meal Before The Yom Kippur Fast

5:15PM - 8:45PM  

Gesher?A Bridge Home 10701 SW 25th Ave.
Portland, 97219

Contact Rabbi Laurie Rutenberg

Spiritual Meal Before the Yom Kippur Fast — Dressed in white and centered in calm, in preparation for our holiest day, we eat a festive meal, while we focus on recognizing the joy of our growth and our blessings and asking for and offering forgiveness. If you come with family or friends, consider writing a letter of teshuva that you can read to them at the table or on a stroll in the woods before the Kol Nidrei Service. RSVP Necessary. Contact Rabbi Laurie or Rabbi Gary for help in crafting your teshuva letters. RSVP and donation info at