Our Jewish Community Relations Council (JCRC), as part of a coalition called United in Spirit, recently met with Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler about ways we can be supportive of the city. His message was quite simple and clear – shop locally!
The JCRC is seeking to mobilize the Jewish community to support local businesses, including minority-owned small businesses, that have been harmed by the combination of vandalism and COVID. The coalition made up of Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Black, Latino and Indigenous organizations, states, “We are people who care deeply about Portland. We are concerned about our fellow citizens who provide services to the marginalized, who own businesses that hire people, creating jobs that enable them to provide for their families…We are concerned for workers and their families and for the business owners who can no longer work safely nor operate their businesses in Portland because of violence and destruction of property.”
Below is a list of organizations the Mayor’s office and Prosper Portland have partnered with in getting the word out to shop locally. The websites provide store information, contact information, and types of items from every business in their directory. All are small local businesses, which offer online options and in-store pickup for safe shopping. Additionally, there are locally owned restaurants offering take-out. 
These local businesses all welcome your patronage and support.